The most beautiful fairy tales for toddlers and preschool children


Fairy tales are ideal for small children and preschool children, but the real one. The big difference is between reading a fairy tale and watching that same fairytale on TV. The most important of a fairy tale are its moral lessons. In fairy tales, good is clearly separated from evil, which children understand very well. Children love happy endings that give them the strength to act properly in certain situations as they grow up. Fairy tales develop criticism in children because they express the consequences of decisions and actions of individual characters. Through fairy tales, children are introduced to specific cultures and their diversity. Children should not be frightened by fairy tale characters, but should talk to them about their characteristics. Thus, we will explain to the children that the world is not only made up of beautiful and good things, but that there are also ugly and bad things.

Not a single day of our existence should not be misspent, so work and learning must literally begin from birth. Parents  are there to make that path to knowledge easier and more interesting.


Although children until the age of three do not understand the text you are reading, it is important to read to them, as it creates a useful habit that they will later apply, and will be better prepared for their stay in kindergarten and school, their vocabulary will be richer and they will learn to read and write easier. Children who regularly listen to reading quickly reach the required reading level by the end of fourth grade. If a child reads poorly, he or she will learn and adopt the material more difficult. A problem that occurs later in these children is a misunderstanding of what has been read, so therefore the exercise must begin from a young age.

When he is three years old, the child is able to talk about the text you read to him, the book or the picture book, of course, simple and suited to his age. Depending on the answer, you will understand whether the child is following what you read, recognizing characters and events. This is all important because of its later development and socialization.


Parents must have the patience to hear the children’s story about the read. They need to read different genres. Through this, parents will decide what their children’s desires and talents  are. To make the child more entertaining, you can make small plays together where he or she will utter some sentences from the read or play some characters.

When they start reading, provide them with different books, but make sure they are the ones the child loves the most.

And even when children start reading on their own, parents need to pay close attention to see if the children understand the topic, to discuss and debate about the work.

Parents will be confident that their child is on the right path to understanding of any read part. Then, there will be no problem with any subject at school. He will always know what is required of him.

Here are some of the best fairy tales titles I recommend for reading to toddlers and preschool children:

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