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Teachers’ taks is the one with high social value. Social community and parents have entrusted them to educate children, towards reaching social goals of education. The responsibility of teacher is multiple. The goals of education set by the community to a great extent depend on teachers ‘work, who are responsible to social community. It should be noted that teachers leave impact not only on children, but also on their parents, which makes their task more important. Their performance determine whether community will have professionally qualified and industrious workers, active citizens who will be able to contribute to building and developing their country.


Teachers are responsible to parents who have entrusted them their children with the task of educating them, and their educators as well. Teacher, educating them, influences their psychophysical development, develops their abilities and to a great extent determines their life path in future.

Teachers’ task is very diverse and complex and it requires great commitment and resourcefulness. Teacher is supposed to possess certain qualities such as:

  1. High personal moral character and an example for reputation, supporting idol and authority to respect.
  2. Careful and human relationship with children: to love and respect children’s personality and their dignity, to be cheerful and composed and not to be prone to psychological imbalance;
  3. Possession of certain skill set (knowledge in general and specialized pedagogy, child psychology and pedagogical psychology and methodology of education), wide general culture, that is to have clear scientific view of education, to be aware of their value and to know what methods and actions make children properly educated.
  4. Work on personal improvement: to continuously keep up with pedagogical, psychological and methodological innovations, constantly implementing them in their work and enriching their experience.
  5. Pedagogical realism: to accept children as they are, not as an object of normative influence.
  6. To possess the skill of work organization and to give certain help regardless of the form, age and working hours, and not regretting making the effort.
Adorable toddlers playing meals using plastic food and cutlery toy at kindergarten

Maria Montessori points out that teacher has the role of a host in specially prepared environment, but not as the central figure, although her presence is strongly felt. Teacher, in fact, is a link between a child and surrounding.

Maria Montessori herself finished her speech in front of other teachers in India pointing out where the core goals of both teachers and parents are:

Help us, o God, to enter into the secret of childhood, so we may know love and serve the child in accordance with the lows thy justice and following the holly will. (Hainstock, 1978)

         Maria Montessori

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