After learning the letter sounds with the Sandpaper Letters, the Movable Alphabet is used by the children for the writing of words, as well as to get familiar with the letters and their sound for future exercises in composing words.

A wooden box containing 5 of each consonant in red and 10 of each vowel in blue. All letters are made of wood.


The cylinders are graded from very soft to loud and each cylinder has either a red or a blue top and is contained in a wooden box with a matching red or blue lid.

To refine the child auditory sense and memory. It also provide experiences in matching and grading.


As Famous Montessori early development material, suitable for children aged 2 or older. Through sensory contact, children can sense the difference in the size of the cylinder, thus exercising logical thinking and hands-on ability. Wooden Cylinders vary in height and diameter with sockets.

Best for children’ development and it is also a good addition to our Montessori homeschool. Multifunction: Cultivate children’s orderliness and independence, and exercise hand muscles.


Montessori Pink Tower Game Teaching Toys for boy and girls. It helps to cultivate children’s keen observation and concentration. It helps to improve the ability of hand eye coordination and spatial imagination.


Montessori Mathematics Material,Kids Early Development Tools and toy. The Number Rods are a part of the Montessori material supporting child’s development, especially the mathematical mind and help her to associate concrete quantities and symbols for the 10 first numbers.