Most parents want their child to become a successful and free-spirited character in the future. As a parent, we often overlook the fact that we often do not know why our children grow into mal adapters. We ask ourselves, and we have a doubt: “How and why did this happen?” There are many facts that can affect the socio-emotional development as well as the whole psyche of the child. It is very important that when we talk to children we thoroughly and seriously choose how we talk.


We often forget that we were all once children, that we all had a childhood. In everyday life, we often lack the patience for childhood development, all because of the accelerated pace of life. We do not have time to be a good parent, but it is indispensable to say that if we continue to think that way we will not help our children.


It is especially important for the formation of the child’s personality that the child needs to be the right model of behavior. One part of the time should be devoted to the child, while not neglecting their own needs and putting them into the background. It is necessary for the child to observe that wisdom is to take care of themselves independently and to teach their children.


The child needs to develop responsibility. He is independently responsible for his homework or for maintaining his room. Listen to your child, celebrate his successes, but don’t buy too many expensive gifts and give money. The money is used to give the child pocket money to distribute independently. Do not let your children climb on your head, but build a close relationship with your children, a relationship full of trust and understanding. Be wise and allow your child to make mistakes, and then discuss with him what a positive lesson a child can learn from a given situation.


Never compare yourself to your children or your child to other children. The affirmation of the type “I was a better student at your age” or “Your friend is better than you” is wrong, because in that case, the children will try to prove with nothing during their whole life. All that he/she proves, he/she will not do for him/herself but others.


When he/she grows up, he/she tries to please everyone and live with foreign currency: “I want them to love me, which is why I have to do what others want. I don’t have my desires, that’s why there are other’s wishes. Tell your child more about your love for him/her, and how proud you are of him/her.