My Montessori


The focus of every educational system must be the development of the human personality. At the heart of the educational process is a man who is educated and socialized. Its development is not achieved exclusively at the university, this process begins immediately after birth, and is most intensively achieved during the first six years of life.

The earliest period of his life requires careful and directional care and upbringing. If we act in accordance with this request, Maria Montessori believes that the child will – instead of a burden – become the greatest and most comforting wonder of nature. We will no longer be able to regard this being as helpless, like a receptive void waiting to fill it with our wisdom.

Its dignity will grow to the extent that we see in him/her the creator of our intelligence who, under the guidance of an inner teacher and in a carefully crafted program, works tirelessly in the joy and happiness of creating man, that greatest wonder of nature.

The educators and parents, in this case, witness the continued development of the human spirit. To train an individual in this way of building their personality, it is necessary to lay good and stable foundations, and they are laid in the first years of life.


For every child’s need for action, there is always a motive behind it. The task of educators and parents within the method of Maria Montessori is to free him/her the paths that he/she will be able to realize and to know him/herself through this self-realization.

Based on years of experience and research around the world, it has been proven that all aspects of child development need to be met in the first phase of studying the effects of socialization, in which the family as its primary carrier is already recognized through the habits and behavior of the child itself.

Applying a holistic approach to working with preschool children is imperative of modern scientific approaches.


It is in this text that I attempt to draw attention to the approach of Maria Montessori, who looks comprehensively at the child individual and its development.

Kindergartens, in addition to family and environment, are a stimulating environment in which the Montessori program can be adequately implemented, by organizing in them a systematic and daily content that will prepare the child for social life in the future.

With good organization and continuous work, children in kindergarten and at home should be prepared to build a future without anxiety, uncertainty and achieve good results.