How to identify original montessori materials


My dear Montessorians

Everyone of us wants the best for own child. Today there are many methods, schools, kindergartens that promote different learning styles. Montessori is one of them. There are parents who really want their child to grow up develops with Montessori philosophy. We know that many people, who are considered successful today, have graduated from Montessori Schools. Some of them are: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Roger Federer, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Katherine Graham, George Clooney, Hugh Grant, Prince William and Harry, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis…


For this reason, parents are interested in their children’s cognitive abilities improving and developing with the Montessori method of work.

How quality, original and effective Montessori is know and sellers of toys and Montessori materials. But they also know that not all parents have learned enough all the rules of the Montessori method. Therefore they offer and sale materials and toys to them that are not created by the Montessori Method.

When buying Montessori materials, first ask whether they are really made by Montessori principles. There are plenty of experts who will always tell you whether something is Montessori or not: Simone Davies, Dragana Jovanovic, Aubrey Hargis, Paula Lillard…

Here are some suggestions you need to know when buying Montessori materials:

  1. The material must have error control.
  2. A three-step lesson can be done with the material
  3. It is made of natural material (not plastic) …
  4. In appearance and manner of use the material follows the progression from simple to complex;
  5. The child encounters only one problem during manipulation, in order to see and solve it faster, and to form the notion more easily;

When using the material, each child sets a personal pace of work by discovering new content or establishing what they have already learned by repeating the exercises with an inner sense of success. In this way, it contributes to the development of increasing self-esteem and self-respect in children. Children learn self-discipline, developing a constructive relationship with others, and respect for others and their rights, which ensures that these same rights are respected when it comes to them.

Here are some materials that meet Montessori principles:

Some markets also selling you something that certainly is not Montessori and that does not meet Montessori principles. Here are some materials that meet Montessori principles:

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