Hey, I’m Dragana Jovanović

I was born in 1971 in Vranje (Serbia). For 23 years, I have been working as a teacher at preschool institution “Our child” in Vranje and I have been studying Montessori pedagogy for the last 10 years. In 2013 I obtained a certificate for “Montessori teachers”, after which i continuously applied the work with children in kindergarten on the principles of the Montessori method.

Since 2013 I am a member of the Montessori Society of Serbia. I am the author and implementer of numerous projects with educational content.The great significance in my professional work has a diversified program designed in my own kindergarten called “Montessori house“, in which a great many children came to know, precisely applying the Montessori method.

As a Montessori educator I organized numerous lectures and educations for teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and parents.

I am the author of numerous scientific and expert papers published in the scientific journals with International Participation, of which the most significant are:

Methodical Practice – Journal of Teaching and Learning 4/2012. The Importance and Significance of the Application of the Montessori Program in the Globalization Conditions.

Methodical Practice- Journal of Teaching and Learning 3/2014. Application of the Montessori Education Program in Contemporary Educational System.

Thematic Proceeding from the Scientific Meeting at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Vranje (2014). Possibilities of modifying methodical of educational work and methodical of class teaching.

Yearbook of the Faculty of Education in Vranje (2017) Empathy in the function of promoting inclusive education in pre-school institutions. Faculty of Education in Vranje

Proceedings of the High School for Education of Educators in Pirot (2015.) HOLIPRI – “Holistic Approach to Preschool Pedagogy-Theory and Practice”. Published work: The role of the Montessori method in the organization of practical life in the development of preschool children: Adaptation of the Montessori method in the conditions of globalization.


My assistans



Aleksandra Savic is a music educator from Serbia, graduated from the Academy of Music Arts, after which she worked as an assistant at the Academy, and now works as a professor at the School of Music, and successfully manages the Choir of the School of Music. She was surrounded by music from a young age, and inherited her talent and love for music from her mother, who was a successful conductor and winner of numerous awards and recognitions at both national and international competitions and festivals. Aleksandra Savic has made numerous achievements in the field of artistic creation with children. She achieved outstanding results in the field of education and training, introducing and applying innovations in the teaching process. Aleksandra Savic coordinates goals, contents, methods of work and expected outcomes, team planning and designs educational work, respecting the individual needs of pupils, as well as the needs of parents and the community.

In cooperation with Dragan Jovanovic, she applies elements of the Montessori method in her work and thus develops musical abilities in children. By applying the Montessori method, she individualizes work, encourages motivation to learn, and it represent positive role model for children. Represents the best interests of children and builds an atmosphere of mutual trust with all children in educational work. She is participant of several National and International projects.

In this blog, she instructs parents and teachers on how to develop musical abilities in young children.




PH.D. Danijela Zdravkovic is a full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Serbia, in the department of Sociology, and is engaged in the subjects Sociology of the Family, Family and Contemporary Society … For 20 years she has been dealing with topics related to childhood, parenting and family as a primary factor in the development of children personalities.

Danijela Zdravkovic is the author of many books, monographs, scientific and professional papers, participant in international projects. She implements projects and interactive workshops with students with the aim of acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge about understanding the family as a primary factor in the development of a child’s personality.

Danijela Zdravkovic and Dragana Jovanovic regularly organize workshops with students in preparing young generations for the transfer of knowledge to both children and their parents, all with the aim of educating parents to build quality future generations. On this site you can find expert PH instructions. D. Danijela Zdravkovic how to nurture healthy family relationships and how to convey the best values ​​to your children so that they can grow into self-reliant and independent individuals.