8 signs that you are the best mom in the world


Our dear moms – they make us laugh, wipe away our tears and help us grow into honest people. In addition to being good, they are often cool moms and that’s why we want to be like them. Read below what are the traits and habits that speak in favor of you being truly the best mom in the world.

1.You are a friend to your children, but you always put the role of a mother on the first place. Children always talk to you about everything that happens in their lives and they confide in you.

2.They know they can contact you at any time. Although you may not agree with what        they want or have done, you listen to them with understanding, without drama and condemnation, and then you honestly express your opinion, without trying to influence them.

3. You support their dreams. Their dreams are your dreams too, no matter how distant and impossible they may seem at some point. Always encourage them and remind them about what they want to work in life and do not allow them to forget their wishes.

However, you will not flatter them and cheer for ambitions that are not realistic. If your son wants to be a football player, but he is not talented, explain to him that there are other things he can do in life and help him discover what else he likes to do.

4. Always keep an eye on them, but do not overdo it. You can identify with children because you were their age and you know how confusing they can be. That’s why you always “take a look” at them to make sure they’re on the right track, but you’re not overly aggressive in it and don’t grumble about every little thing.

5. You let them make mistakes. You want your children to understand for themselves what is best for them and allow them to make mistakes in life because that is the only way to grow into a strong and quality person . Cool moms know they can’t live life for their children so they don’t even try, but they’re always there when we make a mistake and ready to comfort us.

6. Your children’s friends adore you. No one avoids coming to your home because you are a parent who knows how to be present in the right measure, but also “invisible” when should be. You are funny and they often confide a problem to you in passing because you send a “signal” so they know you are a confidant.

7. Even when you are angr*y at children, don’t forget to show them that you love them. Sometimes they drive you a little crazy so you have to discipline them, but always let them know it’s for their own good. You never puni*sh them for no reason because you know you are sending the wrong message.

8. You never leave the house without a hug. No matter how old your children are, they always hug you or give you a kiss because you are the coolest mom in the world and you don’t deserve anything less.

Source: https://www.mojpedijatar.co.rs/

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